Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan 
(Adopted at January 2016 congregational meeting)


Mission Statement:  Changing Lives with Faith and Hope!


Vision Statement:  Rooted in Christ and sent to our neighbors, we show and teall God's love.

Guiding Principles

  • Jesus is Lord and Savior
  • Faith grows through prayer, worship, and study of God's word
  • Everyone is a minister
  • We are called and gifted to serve with compassion
  • We cross barriers to tell God's story
  • We invite all into a relationship with God and the community of faith

Strategic Goals
Ministry-Related Short-term:

¢ Create a task force and discover the needs of our closest neighbors (parenting classes, language classes, health fair, resource and legal fair, personal growth & recovery programs, immigration services, food pantry)

¢ Revisit Spiritual Gifts Training and Surveys to identify new ministry leaders

¢ Build a vibrant and meaningful Youth and Family Ministry (involve youth in worship, youth service projects, middle school after-school programs, scouts, sports, life skills, manners/cotillion, build a team to train parents as their children's primary spiritual guides)

¢ Programming for seniors (perhaps integrated with after-school programming)

Ministry-Related Mid-term:
¢ Informal midweek worship (designed for seekers and unchurched)

Facility-Related Short-term:

¢ More fully utilize existing facilities with mid-week, day and afternoon programming.

¢ Purchase vehicle for transportation of seniors, youth and others

 Facility-Related Mid-term:
¢ Build multi-purpose building (gym with locker/shower facilities, kitchen, stage, breakout rooms)

Facility-Related Long-term:

¢ Expand the Sanctuary

¢ Obtain additional nearby land

Overarching Theme: Love Your Neighbor