Church Council

Governing Board
Major decisions of the congregation are made at Congregational Meetings, held at least twice a year, in January and June.  Between Congregational Meetings, the Church Council provides leadership. 
The Council meets at least once a month, providing general oversight of the life and activities of the congregation, and consists of nine lay members (one a teenager), elected by the congregation for two-year terms, and the pastors.  The Church Council typically meets on the third Tuesday evening of each month.
2022 Church Council
Mark Myers - President
Cindy White - Vice-President
Eric Morrison - Treasurer
Ann Taylor -  Corporate Secretary
Eileen Miers - Recording Secretary
Dick Moyer - Member
Karen Pettit - Member
Faye Bastarache - Member
Sandy Hughes - Member
Thaddeus Nance - Youth Rep. Member
Additional Staff
(see "Staff" Page for full-time staff)
Nursery Coordinator - Erin Nausin
Newsletter Editor - Jackie Hopkey